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YT1200S Geosynthetics Direct Shear Drawing Friction Tester (Servo System):

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It is used for direct shear friction test between various geosynthetics and earth and stone, and friction test of pull-out resistance between geosynthetics in soil and surrounding soil.
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【Scope of application】
YT1200S type geosynthetic material direct shear drawing friction tester (servo system) is used for direct shear friction test between various geosynthetic materials and soil and rock materials and friction test of the drawing resistance between the geosynthetic material in the soil and the surrounding soil.
【Standards compliant】 
JTG E50-2006 T1129 Highway Engineering Geosynthetics Test Code Direct Shear Friction Characteristics Test
JTG E50-2006 T1130 Highway Engineering Geosynthetics Test Regulations Pull-out friction characteristic test
SL235-2012 Geotechnical Material Water Conservancy Test Regulation
GB/T17635.1-98 Geotextile and related products Determination of friction characteristics
Note: meet the above standards, but not limited to the above standards;
【Instrument characteristics】
1. This machine is multi-purpose, and can be used for direct shear friction test of geotechnical materials and pull-out friction test of geotechnical materials.
2. Using microcomputer servo control normal force dynamic test system, normal force test units Mpa, Kpa, kgf/mm², N/mm², N/cm² are optional, and can directly display data such as force value and area;
3. In the test program, the shear stress is directly converted into kilopascals without manual conversion. The normal force and the shear force are all driven by a servo drive system, a dynamic load adjustment system, and the test data is accurate.
4. The all-stainless steel work surface is easy to clean and tidy up, effectively preventing soil particles from entering the inside of the instrument.
5. Configure JIGAOTEST expert test software, with software copyright certificate, certificate number: 2018SR124282
6. The dynamic data collection frequency is more than 3000 times per second, which more objectively reflects the mechanical properties of the material;
7. Philips RM32-bit industrial-grade single-chip microcomputer control, 16-bit A/D converter, strong anti-interference performance and fast data transmission;
8. The computer processes reports, graphics, screen display or print output; supports remote online software upgrades
9. Operating software system function: the instrument can be connected to the PC: record the whole process of the test, real-time display graphs, shear force, pull-out force, can calculate the test date, shear stress, horizontal displacement and other data and graphs. It can analyze the data change process at each stage in the test process in detail. Various statistical index data such as various CV values ​​can be saved and exported to an Excel table at will.
【technical parameter】
1. Stress range: 50KN
2. Force measuring accuracy: ≤±0.02%F.S
3. Highway standard shear box size: 300×300×50mm
     Drawing test box size: 250×200×200mm
4. Displacement stroke: 200mm
5. Displacement resolution: 0.001mm
6. Sampling frequency: 3000 times/sec
7. Shear stress accuracy: ±0.02%
8. Normal force load: Servo ARK106 dynamic load technology
9. Normal force test unit: Mpa, Kpa, kgf/mm², N/mm², N/cm² optional
10. Servo load normal force range: 0-400KPa
11. Normal force accuracy: 1KPa
12. Servo speed adjustment range: 0.1-100mm/min
13. Print output: direct shear force and normal force are displayed on the same screen, and the results are printed in the form of curve graph, shear force, drawing force, etc.
14. Power supply voltage: 220V (50HZ±1%)
15. Size: 1600*600*1750
16. Weight: 550 kg
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