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YT020PC-Ⅱ Fully Automatic Geosynthetic Material Vertical Permeameter (Highway):

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It is suitable for testing the vertical permeability of various geotextiles and composite fabrics with water permeability under constant water head. This machine adopts microcomputer program control, flow meter collection and measurement, digital setting of water head difference, automatic positioning, automatic conversion of permeability coefficient, Display, store, count, edit, print, etc.
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【Scope of application】
The geotextile vertical permeability tester is a constant water head tester designed and manufactured according to the latest national standard GB/T15789-2016 and the requirements of the water conservancy SL235 standard. It is suitable for various water-permeable geotextiles and composite fabrics under constant water head. For vertical permeability test, this machine adopts microcomputer program control, sensor acquisition and measurement, digital setting of head difference, automatic positioning, automatic conversion of permeability coefficient, display, storage, statistics, editing, printing, etc.
【Related standards】
GB/T15789-2016 、SL 235-2012
【technical parameter】
1. Operation interface: 7.8-inch color screen Chinese interface
2. Water head difference: 0-250mm digital setting, automatic positioning
3. The inner diameter of the holder: ∅50.5mm
4. Clamping method: vertical
5. Thermometer range: 0-100℃±0.2℃
6. Time controller: 0-999.9 seconds can be set arbitrarily, with a control accuracy of 0.1S
7. Timing method: seconds, minutes, hours (optional)
8. Water head measurement accuracy: 0.2 mm
9. Water head adjustment stroke: 0-300mm.
10. Flow rate unit: m/s and mm/s two kinds
11. Test cabin size: 490*500*510mm
12. Water collection volume: 0—3000ML (measure cup weighing method) or laser method
13. Water level measurement accuracy: 0.03mm
14. Data collection: two-way control of the host and PC (optional), automatic calculation of permeability coefficient, and printing of results
15. Sample clamping method: sample loading in water, loading rod clamping sample loading or pneumatic fixture loading sample (optional)
16. Dimensions: 800×650×1920mm
17. Weight: 150kg
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