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The job description
Participated in the formulation of the company's development plan and annual work plan and implemented them according to the plan; conducted weekly sales data statistical analysis and feedback to ensure the promotion of annual planned sales; Complete the annual sales target; handle the business relationship between the company and agents; be responsible for the improvement of the store display of cooperative old customers within the region, the promotion intention and the improvement of purchasing guidance level, the transformation of downstream resources of key customers, as well as the delivery and remittance, after-sales connection and other daily affairs; be responsible for the development and maintenance of customers in the region under my charge; Responsible for the annual plan and monthly action plan of the promotion department of concentric circle products, and the formulation and follow-up of the monthly action plan of the regional agent team, and the tracking and implementation of key projects
Job specification
1. Have certain marketing knowledge;

2, Good language expression and communication skills;

3. Familiar with enterprise culture, product knowledge, shopping guide knowledge and skills, industry situation, etc.;

4. Master theoretical knowledge and practical operation.

5, confident, dare to challenge;

6. Interested in sales work;

7, positive, strong learning ability, good execution. Strong pressure resistance, good stability

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